Emperor Beauty

The 27 excellent colour, imperial green cabochons emerald are the colours of life and wealth. Songs of Chu, the romance of aristocratic temperament that has been met for thousands of years, in the golden and green landscape paintings of Yu Hanyu, I realized that high-end jewellery should be used as an element in the painting-exploring jewellery art paintings and creating high-end art jewellery. With the romance of the Chu Kingdom in his bones, Li Anxin, a jewellery design artisan, signed a contract with Domaine Power, met the top cabochons emerald, and gave birth to the "Emperor Beauty"high-end art jewellery series with more than a dozen perfect orchids as elements. 

"I wore mantles of river rush and remote angelica; Strung autumn orchids to hang from my sash." - An excerpt from Qu Yuan's Lisao, Qu Yuan compared orchids to gentlemen in Chu Ci, and praising all the wonderful people, events, and things as beauties Orchids represent the noble temperament of oriental beauties. 

When the emeralds of excellent colour and 27 pieces of imperial cabochons emerald come into view, what one sees, convert to mindful of thoughts; and the imperial green speak louder than words; showing the romance in Chu Ci subconsciously. As a jewellery design art craftsman from Chu, the best destination for creating imperial cabochons emerald with a pen is destined to be the “Emperor Beauty” high-end art jewellery series. 

Design a group of beauties with orchids as elements. The imperial cabochons emerald is inlaid and carved as the most soul stamen of orchids. Wearing the “EmperorBeauty” high-end art jewellery series, the temperament is like orchid, and the subtle fragrance floats.
Designer: Li Anxin

21 imperial cabochon’s emerald, shaped like 10 orchid flower stamens and 11 imperial cabochons emerald; 9 heart-shaped diamonds of about 0.3 to 0.5carat are set on the 18K heart-shaped which like 9 butterflies , connecting the left and right orchid bodies. Ten orchids are designed with the concept of perfection, and there are two layers echoing the floating fragrance. In the middle, the seven stars in the shape of an imperial cabochon’s emerald are connected to the upper and lower layers. Nine butterflies shuttle between the orchids, implying eternity. The buckle is designed with the elements of clover, and between opening and closing are orchids, butterflies, and the fragrance floating lucky company.


2 imperial cabochon’s emerald, 2 heart-shaped diamonds about 0.3 carat. On the fingertip orchid, there is a cabochon’s emerald stamen, in which there are seven diamonds swaying, and there is a cabochon’s emerald and golden emerald ball echoing below. The unique design of the inner circle of the ring changes with the finger, suitable for 13-18 hand sizes.


Each has 2 imperial cabochon’s emerald. The earrings are in the shape of orchids, whispering quietly, and 19 small diamonds are inlaid to form three rows of soft tassels, and the pendant is echoed by cabochon’s emerald and golden emerald balls.


  • Necklace, ring and earring set with 27 cabochons emerald and total of 13.8carat diamonds set in 18K gold.
  • Cabochons emerald: 27 pieces
  • Total weight of the set: 151g
  • 18K gold
  • Burmese Jadeite


  • Women's


  • 18K


  • Burma jade, 18K Yellow Gold, Diamond


  • Gemstone Necklace, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Ring