Royal wind

The minimalist symbol of the royal carriage is double U-shaped, and the upper U-shape of the carriage is made of 18K gold; the four sides of the carriage are inlaid with 11.88-carat top-level fancy vivid yellow diamonds with side column-shaped double eagle claws. The 11.88-carat yellow diamond and gold colour and the sides are full of brilliance, reflecting the royal atmosphere of the imperial conquest; the lower U-shape is connected with rolling wheels with an 18K white gold laminated car body, which is abstracted as the ring circle of the inner ring and the outer ring, the domain crown Chinese and Western.

Royal wind's works represent the highest artistic realm and the technical level of ingenuity and craftsmanship today, showing the supremacy of art and grandeur, royal wealth, exquisite taste and domain admiration, and those who are capable are respected. It can be said to be wonderful. It takes the Western European royal carriage as the element, blends it with the leisurely romance of the old philosophy of the East, and is in line with the brand positioning of Domaine Power and the three elements of fine artistic jewellery: first: high-quality gemstones; second: innovative and creative design; third: exquisite and perfect production.

The concept of Domaine Power – Art achieves jewellery, jewellery commemorates legends. May you be in the magnificent palace of artistic jewellery, savor the beauty of the crown presented by the royal carriage - Royal wind’s fancy colour and feel the connotation and feelings of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.
Designer: Li Anxin
Yellow diamond ring