Treasure of Myanmar

Ruby representing passion, it is the symbol of combination of love and luxury. Rare 11 unburned Ruby gems imported from Mogok, Myanmar, the Pigeon’s Blood Caral Ruby. The largest of those Ruby gems has exceeded 2 carats. Each of the Ruby gems has the certificate from Gubelin, Switzerland.

It conveys the aesthetic concept of what the heart desires, unseen aesthetic concept, as if it takes me into the beautiful artistic conception of the Song Dynasty.

20 small emerald round faces with excellent colours are inlaid into the stamens of crabapple flowers, and then the 11 rubies are surrounded by blossoming crabapple flowers. With the design concept of green leaves lining red flowers, a set of ruby necklaces, rings and earrings were produced, which called "The Treasure of Myanmar".

With the scarcity of Burmese rubies, the aristocratic temperament of the Song Dynasty is reproduced. It seems to have seen Li Qingzhao's famous elegance of "Wouldn’t you know! Wouldn’t you know? The leaves should grow and the flowers should fade so".

"I asked the window-raising maid, Unexpectedly was her claim that the begonia was still the same." It is still the colour of pigeon blood and unheated ruby, which is a rare possession. This is fine artistic jewellery - "Treasures of Burma" collection.

Art achieves jewellery, jewellery commemorates legends.
Designer: Li Anxin
Gemstone Necklace
Gemstone Earrings
Gemstone Ring


  • A necklace, ring and earring set made of 11 Burmese pigeon blood redand unheated rubies, 20 imperial cabochon’s emerald, total of 8.97 carat diamonds and 18K gold.
  • Rubies: 11 pieces
  • Emerald: 20 pieces
  • 18K gold
  • Burmese Ruby, Burmese Emerald


  • Women's
  • 18


  • Burmese Ruby, Burmese Emerald, 18K Yellow Gold, Diamond


  • Gemstone Necklace, Gemstone Earrings, Gemstone Ring